The Four B’s for the all important wedding dress alterations


Different styles of wedding dresses need different alterations. Here are the top 3. Keep in mind you can bustle your wedding dress however you choose, the sky is the limit!

– The under wedding dress bustle. Just like it sounds this bustle tucks under the wedding gown, hidden away. This works wonderfully for a simple skirt that doesn’t have lace or beading. It looks clean and seamless.
– Traditional wedding dress bustle. This bustle has pick up points secured with hooks on the back of your wedding dress. You can have one, three, or even five (so dramatic!) pick up points on the back of the wedding dress. If you have a lot of lace and beading on your wedding dress train you want all of your guests to see this all night long! This bustle will showcase the pretty parts of the wedding dress train.
– French wedding dress bustle. Similar to under bustle but with lots of volume! This style is the opposite of the traditional bustle. It has hooks that secure on the back but under instead of over.

Thin belt on Poppy.


A beaded belt can make or break a wedding dress in many bride’s opinions! Belts can be secured to a wedding dress by be sewn in or tacked in. A bride can use the ribbon as a tie to create a bow on the back of the wedding dress. The ribbon from the belt can also be removed. A belt does not have to be sewn or tacked into the wedding dress if a bride chooses to remove it at some point.

Gorgeous scalloped wedding dress hem! Her name is Poppy and we have her in two sizes.


This can be the most costly part of alterations. Generally you will want your dress to just brush the floor. Make sure that you bring your wedding dress shoes to your alterations appointment. Your seamstress will need the shoes to determine the proper length of your wedding dress. If there is lace on your hem – are you ready for this? Your seamstress will pick the lace off of your wedding dress! She will then alter the fabric to the proper length and then reattach the lace! Crazy, but that is why this is the costliest part of alterations.

Beautiful beaded wedding dress, her name is April if you want to try her on!


This alteration can be fun! You shouldn’t need to wear a bra in your wedding dress! Your seamstress has the ability to alter your bodice however you wish. Yes, she can add padding! All of the wedding dresses purchased from Elizabeth Jacobs Bride bridal boutique will have cups already installed. Many of these cups are ill fitting and will be replaced by your wedding dress seamstress. Your seamstress will make sure that the bodice of the wedding dress fits flat against your frame. Don’t be afraid to ask her for whatever you need in this area! She wants to make you as happy and as comfortable as possible in your wedding gown.