Find your wedding identity! What is the most important aspect of the wedding for you both? Is it the venue, the music, the food, the gown, the flowers? Think about your identity as a couple and what is important to you both. Are you both foodies? Hire a specialty catering company or get a bunch of food trucks that you love.

Food truck at wedding
Food trucks are ALWAYS a big hit!

Is travel your thing? Add a travel theme in with maps or globes. Do you both love hunting? Add in antlers and serve venison or wild game as an entree choice- Miranda Lambert did this at her wedding and even harvested it herself! Do you both love the beach – have a beach wedding by all means!

Everyone loves a day at the beach!

Honestly the sky is the limit when it comes to finding what your priorities are. Have fun expressing yourselves! Get people talking!


Make an impact from the moment your invitation hits your guest’s mailboxes! Push the envelope and do something unexpected! Wood, leather, fabric, and acrylic are stand out invites that push the boundaries. Add a wedding statement right from the start and have fun with it! This will kick off an epic wedding that no one will want to miss.


Use cocktails to mix things up and do something different- more personalized to your tastes. You can serves cocktails prior to the wedding ceremony – no one says cocktail hour has to be after the ceremony. There are no rules in weddings! Or end the wedding ceremony with a toast by passing a tray of champagne topped with a cloud of cotton candy. Whiskeys bars are fun, craft beers are beloved by many. Create your own signature wedding cocktail that you created together one fun night in! Add sprigs of mint from your garden to make them pretty and personalized! Tip: Mint grows like a weed! There are so many options! Just remember you are both making up these wedding rules as you go.

Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party should include your closest friends. This is regardless of age, gender or family ties. And pets can definitely be a part of your wedding party! You can choose not to have a wedding party is that is what you want. You can have your besties and loved ones included in different ways.
However you decide to personalize your wedding, just remember- Do what you want, not what is expected. You won’t ever regret being your authentic selves, especially on the very first day of your marriage.