to Elizabeth Jacobs Bride!

Bringing glamour and sparkle to small town Wisconsin!

 I am the Elizabeth at Elizabeth Jacobs Bride – but my real focus is YOU! 


After working as a printer for decades I took a leap of faith and opened a bridal shop….        What a transformation!
Looking back, what was I thinking?? I have always been crazy passionate about fashion and design, but how can a printer with zero business knowledge and limited computer skills open a successful business?  The answer is actually pretty straightforward. When you do what you should be doing in life, things will always fall into place. 


I had a vision to be a little different in my approach to wedding dress shopping.  My vision didn’t include a big family store, it’s just not my style. A friendly small town boutique is much more my style. The vision was to provide an exclusive experience for brides and have fun with them! I believe in celebrations big and small. (Yes, I do have birthday parties for my dog!) Celebrating a bride and where she is in life had to be priority in the boutique. 


To this day, I am nervous prior to every appointment!  I hope that I never lose this nervousness, it would mean that I have forgotten the significance of this day for a bride. 


The mission is simple.

Create an unforgettable beloved, happy memory for each and every bride.






Bridal shop in west bend Wisconsin
Bridal shop

Experience Bridal in a new way!

Bringing dynamite wedding dresses from all over the world to small town Wisconsin with a mission to celebrate you during the biggest moments of your life!  Our heart is for you, your story, your day, and your wedding!  Being an Elizabeth Jacobs bride means that you don’t have to skimp on style to have the perfect wedding dress as you marry the person of your dreams!