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Bringing glamour and sparkle to small town Wisconsin!

 I am the Elizabeth at Elizabeth Jacobs Bride, the face behind the brand, but my real focus is YOU!


I had spent decades in the printing industry prior to transitioning to bridal.
Owning a bridal shop was never a dream of mine, I just stumbled upon it when looking for a career change and it was love at first sight! The late nights and endless hustle to get the business off the ground are all a blur. Waking up every morning and helping to make women feel beautiful is an unbelievable honor and well worth the previous hustle.
If you’re reading this I honestly believe there’s a good chance everything has aligned so that we can connect with one another.


Bringing your wedding gown dream to life is my day job… but in the evenings I am a mom of two adult children, an excited new grandma and a dog mom.
Put me in front of an ocean with a book, a Redds Apple Ale, and an umbrella and you will see one happy lady! I love traveling, being outside enjoying nature and discovering new restaurants. I am a big believer in enjoying the little things, laughing a lot and having deep conversations.

OWNING A BRIDAL SHOP IS MY PURPOSE but here are a few fun facts unrelated to bridal about me:

*My dog Bocephus (Bo) is a 3 year old mixed breed rescue who is spunky and full of quirks.

*I am obsessed with my E-bike. I legit cannot get enough of it! On the other hand, I  do not enjoy a regular bike.

*I would listen to podcasts all day long if I was able to focus on more than one thing at a time.

*My kids would be amused to hear that many of my reviews refer to my patience.

*I rarely eat a meal without dessert. Dessert is important. I could also eat pizza everyday, also important!

*I love interior design. It’s like time does not exist when I’m designing a room. It’s kind of magical. I actually feel the same way during a bridal appointment.

*Campfires in summer and natural fireplaces in winter make me very happy, s’mores too.


I will always provide a warm hello, a GENUINE interest in you and your wedding and a desire to help you find what you’re looking for.

That’s enough about me, I can’t wait to hear all about you!

Bridal shop owner helping Bride into wedding dress


Bridal shop with wedding dresses in Wisconsin.

Experience Bridal in a new way!

Bringing dynamite wedding dresses from all over the world to small town Wisconsin with a mission to celebrate you during the biggest moments of your life!  Our heart is for you, your story, your day, and your wedding!  Being an Elizabeth Jacobs bride means that you don’t have to skimp on style to have the perfect wedding dress as you marry the person of your dreams!