to Elizabeth Jacobs Bride!

Bringing glamour and sparkle to small town Wisconsin!

 I am the Elizabeth at Elizabeth Jacobs Bride, the face behind the brand, but my real focus is YOU!

I spent decades in the printing industry prior to transitioning to bridal. Yes, I worked as a factory worker and I am just as proud of that time as I am of being am entrepreneur!
Owning a bridal shop was never a dream of mine, I just stumbled upon it and it was love at first sight, I literally love every minute of it!

I decided to do things differently than any other bridal shop in this area. I am not a fan of large chaotic crowds, my preference is always smaller, more intimate gatherings. So I set up my boutique for private one-on-one appointments with just one bride and her guests. This feels old school to me in the best possible way. A slowed down, casual experience where every bride feels relaxed and listened to while having fun the whole way through. When she says Yes, we celebrate! Every bride who purchases a dress gets a gift from me as a thank you. I do love celebrations – I’m that person that has a birthday party for my dog!

When I meet a bride I really try to listen to her – to see her – to get her. The goal is to find her a dress that perfectly represents her. 
I would love to have you become a part of the Elizabeth Jacobs Bride soriority so make an appointment today!




Bridal shop in west bend Wisconsin
Bridal shop

Experience Bridal in a new way!

Bringing dynamite wedding dresses from all over the world to small town Wisconsin with a mission to celebrate you during the biggest moments of your life!  Our heart is for you, your story, your day, and your wedding!  Being an Elizabeth Jacobs bride means that you don’t have to skimp on style to have the perfect wedding dress as you marry the person of your dreams!