to Elizabeth Jacobs!

Bringing glamour and sparkle to small town Wisconsin!

Hi!  I am Elizabeth!  My roots are in manufacturing which has given me a foundation that is quite uncommon in the bridal industry. I am proud of these roots, with them I have learned to work hard while in a super casual, often laugh- infused environment. 

Eventually I changed course from manufacturing and moved into the bridal industry. I immediately found my passion falling in love with the incredible workmanship and just plain gorgeousness of the gowns. I am insanely in love with the wedding industry. I mean food trucks, whiskey bars, flower walls (I see you out there pinning them), sparkler send offs, invitations with (swoon) handwritten calligraphy… what’s not to love?
Best of all is being around brides who are at such a wonderful time in their lives! I love sharing in their excitement, this will be the most meaningful piece of clothing that they will purchase in their life and I am lucky, honored even, to be a small part of their journey.


Experience Bridal in a new way!

Bringing dynamite wedding dresses from all over the world to small town Wisconsin with a mission to celebrate you during the biggest moments of your life!  Our heart is for you, your story, your day, and your wedding!  Being an Elizabeth Jacobs bride means that you don’t have to skimp on style to have the perfect wedding dress as you marry the person of your dreams!

The Butterfly Bride Project

The Butterfly Bride Project was born out of the belief that every woman deserves to look and feel like the beautiful bride that she is on her wedding day regardless of her circumstances. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, everyone has setbacks and challenges including brides. We want our Butterfly Bride to know there are many other brides in her corner, fighting for her, cheering her on! Good things happen when women come together and this project highlights just how extraordinary our brides are. A percentage of each dress purchased by every Elizabeth Jacobs Bride will automatically go towards our own Butterfly Bride Project.

The Symbolism

  • HOPE
  • LIFE