to find the most-amazing-perfectly-you wedding dress?

Your appointment at Elizabeth Jacobs is going to be FUN, EXCITING, and ONE OF A KIND!  Get ready to feel loved, celebrated, and over-the-moon happy!


1.5 Hours working ONE-ON-ONE with a dedicated stylist to find the dress of your dreams!


2.5 Hours working ONE-ON-ONE with a dedicated master stylist.  We’ve put our unique stamp on appointments for brides and their entourage who want a red carpet treatment.


How many people can we bring?

That’s up to you but we recommend that you choose your bride tribe wisely. Big groups can be fun but you may have many opinions. Generally we advise that you bring just the people whose opinions mean the most to you and leave the negative nellies at home.

You want to go it alone or just bring one other person? Fantastic! Those appointments are great because you are guaranteed to pick a dress that is your personal style and genuinely represents you.

When should I start shopping?

If you plan on purchasing off the rack, you will be leaving with a dress that day so you will only need time for alterations. Keep yourself organized and purchase as far in advance as you care to because who doesn’t get excited when they start checking things off the extensive wedding day list?

If you find a dress but prefer to order it in a different option, we recommend 9-12 months in advance. Plan on up to 6 months to get the dress and 3 months for alterations with a little wiggle room to keep things stress free.

Should I make an appointment?

Absolutely! When you book an appointment, we reserve an area just for you and your entourage. If you walk-in and our stylists are  available, they will always be happy to help!

What's the bustle all about?

Let’s talk all things bustle! Today, bustles are primarily used to shorten the train of a gown through a series of buttons and loops, ties, or hook and eyes, to allow for more mobility and keep the gown from being stepped on. Modern bustles can be eye-catching or understated depending on the look you are going for.

Gowns do not come with bustles installed, this is mainly because gowns are made to a standard length and will need to be hemmed and bustled to just touch the floor when the bride is wearing it. Because each bride can be a different height and her shoe choice can add even more variation, bustles and hems are both performed when you have your alterations done. Your seamstress will walk you through the options and together you will decide what look you like best with your chosen dress.

Can a bride celebrate her purchase with champagne?

The city of West Bend prohibits us from serving alcoholic beverages. This doesn’t make us happy but the good news is that we are surrounded by many excellent establishments so you can continue the dress buying celebration, with cocktails if desired, in walking distance. Ask our consultants for recommendations, there are many, and we love it when a bride and her tribe support local establishments. Purchase on a Thursday evening and conveniently walk right out of the shop into Music on Main, what a great way to carry on that happy vibe into the night with your tribe! Saturday morning and the famous West Bend Farmer’s Market offers a more laid back vibe for post purchase celebrating right outside of the door as well.

What is your buying policy?

As is consistent throughout the industry all sales are final, no returns or exchanges are accepted. Our gowns are hand made so the designers do not allow us to return them. A binding contract is signed for all purchases. No worries though, we are confident that you will love your purchase!

How does payment work?

We accept cash, checks or credit cards. Payment in full is preferred. We understand planning a wedding can be financially draining. Therefore, if a payment plan is necessary we will absolutely do our best to find a plan that works for all involved.

Do you offer alterations?

In most cases, on-site alterations tend to be more expensive than finding your own seamstress. The shop must think about paying the seamstress and make a profit for themselves. Because of this, we do not do on-site alterations but we do have a list of highly creative and experienced seamstresses for you to choose from. We are in constant contact with them and can help relay your vision to them if necessary.

Tips for a bridal boutique wedding dress shopping day

Tips from your Stylist

Try on different styles of gowns!

Be open-minded.
It is beneficial to know what you like, but don’t be afraid to try on that wildcard. In fact, we would suggest that you always try on one wild card even if it’s just for fun. You may end up surprising yourself and bringing your dress game to new heights that you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise.

For brides who say "I want to look good but it's just a dress that I will only wear once"

So true!
However, every moment in time holds different value. The half hour spent stuck in traffic has different value than the half hour spent holding your just born baby in your arms.
Keep in mind the value of the time spent in this gown.

You DO only wear this dress one day so …. do it once, do it fabulous!

Size doesn't matter.

Don’t freak out about the wedding dress sizing.
Wedding dress sizes are vastly different from street sizes. If you are a size ten in the ready to wear world, for example, you can be anywhere from a twelve to a sixteen on planet bridal. Sounds horrible not to fit into your regular size doesn’t it? I promise you, NO ONE cares or will see what the number is, they will only care about the beautiful bride inside the dress.

What to wear on appointment day.
Can I be real with you? Those bright green panties brides have on during dress shopping day take away from the dress- ditto with the hot pink bra. All of our dresses have built in bras making a bra optional, a strapless nude is the best choice if you chose to wear a bra. Panties are mandatory with nude being the best color choice.

Will I be able to take my dress home on shopping day?
If you purchase an off the rack and pay in full, heck yeah, that beauty is ALL YOURS!

It is OK if you are not a dress person.

Not all brides believe the dress the most important aspect of the wedding, and we get it.
To those brides who are on a dress buying mission and haven’t always dreamed of dress shopping day and are actually a little overwhelmed or underwhelmed at the thought…. We’ve got this for you! You may end up really enjoying this experience, we will do our darndest to make that happen. Relax, trust us and let’s make a memory for you to cherish. Many times, these are the brides that get unexpectedly emotional when they see themselves in what will be their wedding dress and realize what the meaning behind the purchase is. Who knew a dress could do that?!

Break the rules already!

Rules were made to be broken.
Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette from 1945 isn’t cutting it anymore for today’s bride. So why not add a little color if you love the way pale pink looks on you? Modern takes, like color, on classic silhouettes work so well for today’s bride. Express your personality in a bold dress if that is what you love. Always trust your first instinct, whatever makes your heart sing is what you should be wearing. Don’t get hung up on what you believe you can and can’t wear based on your venue and what your family thinks. That cathedral veil that you think is only for church weddings not your beach wedding? That veil will float beautifully in an ocean breeze making you look breathtaking. Always, always go with what you love not what you think you should love, and never look back. … Just be you and the rest will fall into place. This advice applies to much more than dress buying day.

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