Express yourself in your wedding dress!

TOP TIPS for finding your dream wedding dress!

This wedding dress should be the most self expressive garment you ever purchase! You know who you are. Your partner knows and loves who you are. Own that!

Tip 1

Tap into who you are. What’s your vibe? The entire time that you are trying on wedding dresses remind yourself that this is representing who you are. You are unique and your wedding dress should describe that visually.

Tip 2

Put yourself first. Brides are often worried about how others will perceive them so they hold back. This is the day to put your own wants and needs above all else. You want a royal cathedral veil? Get it! You want to wear a tiara? Wear it! The biggest, flounced wedding dress in the boutique is what makes your heart sing but it’s so over the top? Make your heart sing, life is short – buy that dress!

Tip 3

If you go to a bridal shop with your crew for an appointment and fall in love with a wedding dress but have other appointments lined up? Buy the wedding dress and enjoy this perfectly untouched life moment! If you get emotional in a dress because you love it, stop right there….

Buy the dress and celebrate the moment! Cry those happy tears, take the pictures with your gals, go celebrate with lunch and maybe cocktails! What a fabulous day!
Or you can find the dress, go to 2 other appointments … race back at closing time exhausted to the wedding dress that you found at the bridal shop in the morning.

Tip 4

When choosing a wedding dress, the venue should not be at the forefront. Why? More often than not the dress will complement the venue effortlessly. How? The venue and decor are all handpicked by the bride and groom. These are their favorite things in life. The wedding dress when done right should represent the bride’s personality and will therefore fall right into place!

For example: If a bride who loves glamour is having a backyard wedding, she may come into a bridal shop thinking she needs an outdoorsy wedding dress. She absolutely LOVES that ballgown with the massive sparkle but feels it just won’t work with the venue. The chandeliers hanging from the trees and in the tent would complement that ball gown perfectly! Those white and pink roses are oh so ballgown worthy! The best complement to the ball gown? Her nonstop smile, because that ballgown just brings it for her. Wear what you love and the rest will fall into place!

Bride and groom in wedding dress from bridal shop in west bend Wisconsin
Just Be You!

Tip 5

Have fun wedding dress shopping! Wedding dress shopping is a big deal – that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Our brides can really be themselves at our bridal shop because we have Private Appointments for every bride. Some dance a lot, some swear like sailors, some are reserved. Whatever your personality, we allow you to be yourself and just enjoy the moment however you choose. The perfect experience is waiting for you!