the butterfly project
White tulle bridal gown with veil.


The Butterfly Bride Project was born out of the belief that every woman deserves to look and feel like the beautiful bride that she is on her wedding day regardless of her circumstances. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, everyone has setbacks and challenges including brides. We want our Butterfly Bride to know there are many other brides in her corner, fighting for her, cheering her on! Good things happen when women come together and this project highlights just how extraordinary our brides are. A percentage of each dress purchased by every Elizabeth Jacobs Bride will automatically go towards our own Butterfly Bride Project.


Each year, our Butterfly Bride will have a one of a kind private shopping experience, a day just for her and her bride tribe. The bride will go home with the dress of her choice that will be paid in full by the purchases of all of the brides that came before her. Beverages? Photographer? Snacks? You bet, if that is her dream! The day is all about building up a bride to make an unforgettable experience full of laughter, happy tears and plenty of memories that will last a lifetime. It really isn’t all about the dress, what’s important is the woman wearing it.

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Let’s come together and give a bride who is fighting her own battle a moment to spread her wings, lift herself up and be the extraordinary bride that she was always meant to be because, she too is one remarkable bride! Who qualifies as a Butterfly Bride?  We will leave that up to our brides to decide.

Every Elizabeth Jacobs Bride who has purchased a dress or accessory can nominate a bride here:

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